Professional associations

A group of companies Terra Auri is actively involved in developing the real estate service market and participates in professional communities that have a significant status and a potential to bring positive changes to the city. It is our strong belief that an open dialogue and strict professional supervision, performed by players of the industry and made possible by groups of investors, real estate agents and representatives of various business areas, contribute to decision-making for the benefit of the country and developing trustful relationship between the government, business and society.
The Association of Moscow Investors
The Association of Moscow Investors is the first voluntary association in Moscow founded in September of 1994 to unite participants of the investment and construction process. Its founders are 44 large Moscow companies engaged in investment and construction business. Today the Association of Investors of Moscow brings together more than 100 Russian and foreign companies from various businesses: financial institutions, developers, construction, finance and construction (industrial) companies, design and consulting, municipal organizations. The main objective of the Association is to improve investment climate in the capital, participate in solving city’s problems on the basis of mutual benefit, protect rights and interests of members of the Association, and actively participate in shaping and improving the regulatory framework of the investment activity.
ICC Russia International Chamber of Commerce
ICC Russia International Chamber of Commerce. In May 2000 the World Council of ICC officially accepted Russia into the worldwide business organization and unanimously approved creation of Russian national ICC committee in Russia – ICC Russia. Thus, Russian companies were given an opportunity to actively participate in forming the rules and principles of international business, basing on the needs and problems of their country, having equal rights with foreign partners. The main purpose of ICC Russia is to strengthen Russian business in the worldwide business community and support Russian companies in view of new tasks and possibilities brought by globalization.
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) is an effective multifunctional structure able to support business and protect its interests. Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-profit organization based on membership. It was founded following an initiative of Russian commercial and non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs to unite members in order to implement goals and objectives defined by the Law of Russian Federation “On Chambers of Commerce in the Russian Federation” and the Law of Moscow “On the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry”.
Moscow International Business Association (MIBA)
Moscow International Business Association (MIBA) was founded on November 19, 1997. The first members of the Association were 30 companies from 11 countries. Currently, MIBA gathers 200 companies, banks and enterprises from 23 countries around the world. The unique nature of the Association’s activity is that it is multi-professional and brings together local and international, Moscow and regional, large, medium and even small companies, representing almost a full cross-section of the business community in Moscow and Russia. The Executive Committee of MIBA has equal representation between the government (executive and legislative, federal, regional and municipal) and business (domestic and foreign). International and interregional relations of the Association are supported by a network of 11 international and about 30 regional representatives.
Moscow Association of Realtors
Moscow Association of Realtors was founded in 1999 by combining two of the largest real estate organizations - MAR and MGR. Moscow Association-Guild of Realtors has concentrated all achievements of the leading representatives of Moscow real estate market and effectively uses their experience by promoting it in various projects and programs carried out in Moscow. One of the priorities of MAGR is to increase professionalism of its members and provide for a standardization of real estate activity in view of experience and achievements in this area of the world's leading real estate associations and unions. The idea was embodied in a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of MAGR developed by the Association. In the absence of a law on real estate activity it regulates behavior of the real estate agents in the market. In 2003 an independent Court of Arbitration was created for the participants of the real estate market.
Social network “MISIshnik”
Social network “MISIshnik”. In 2011, an anniversary year, MGSU-MISI decided to unite alumni of different years, teachers, employees and students in a new social network which was unofficially called “Misishniki”. From the very first days Terra Auri was the title partner of the online community, most of company’s employees have graduated from MGSU-MISI. In 2012 the developers plan to gather 15000 users which can find each other, just as in the university years, by groups or faculties, communicate with their favorite professors, create together a historical photo and video archive of the university, making thus themselves a part of its history.