Complex management of investment construction projects

Terra Auri is the work organizer at all phases of project implementation, it defends the investor’s economic interests and controls due observance of the interests of all participants of the urban planning relations.
The company provides a full range of services related to the obtaining of permissions and approvals for the implementation of developer projects. Our specialists take responsibility for all the complexities of interaction with contractor organizations and public authorities, and make sure the documents conform with normative requirements.

The company is responsible for dozens of large-scale projects implemented with a high quality and on time due to clear planning, selection of reliable contractors, good process structuring and strict control of all work types.

Marfino microdistrict in Moscow, built under the management control of Terra Auri, was announced the best implemented project in the nomination of investment and construction in 2010, according to a decision of the Government of Moscow.
  • Establishment of labor relations between investors, contractors, designers, subcontractors, suppliers of materials and equipment;
  • Establishment of communication standards between all the parties taking part in the project;
  • Establishment of communication between the members of the project management team;
  • Specification of the powers and duties of all project participants;
  • Preparation of the work breakdown structure (WBS), which is the basis of all work schedules, detailed estimations and reports;
  • Development of a system of reports and feedback, standard protocols and archive system.
  • Proposal of technical solutions for cost reduction;
  • Initiation of tenders to select the best contractors, designers, equipment and materials suppliers, who meet the cost, terms and work quality requirements;
  • Control of expenses and reporting to the investor.
  • Preparation of work plans subject to a production sharing agreement and critical path method;
  • Development of detailed work performance schedules in cooperation with contractors;
  • Control of the observance of the set terms.
  • Control of the design and construction work being performed in accordance with the design documentation, the investor’s requirements, state and local norms (construction control);
  • Review of as-built documentation billed by the contractors for payment;
  • Correlation of the conractor’s data to the real volume of work done and construction materials used;
  • Estimation of the construction materials used meeting the requirements of the project;
  • Estimation of the real market value of materials used and work done being in conformity with the data provided in the as-built documentation billed by the contractor for payment;
  • Estimation of the actual expenses being in conformity with the estimated figures given in the project;
  • Estimation of the degree of construction readiness of the site and estimation of the cost of eliminating any construction defects revealed by an audit;
  • Randomized laboratory control by non-destructive methods;
  • Thermal imaging for the purpose of revealing hidden defects in the claddings;
  • Proposal of ways of increasing the quality of works and development of a quality control system.
  • Obtaining of design and estimate documents;
  • Execution of contractor agreements;
  • Execution of legal land relations;
  • Obtaining of an order for performance of work;
  • Obtaining of technical specifications;
  • Obtaining of a cutting permit;
  • Obtaining of permissions for connection to engineering networks;
  • Obtaining of permissions for construction and reconstruction;
  • Obtaining of permissions for commissioning of sites;
  • Cooperation with the Urban Planning Department, Nature Management Department, Construction Department and Cultural Heritage Department of Moscow, Committee for Energy and Engineering support, Main Architectural Design Directorate of Moscow, Health inspection Services, Federal Agency for Health and Consumer Rights and Moscow City Expert Examination Board, Ecology Committee, and state construction supervision committee.
  • Control of the observance by the contractor of all necessary safety precautions;
  • Control of the observance of state and local standards;
  • Control of the fulfillment of the investor’s requirements.
  • Organization of signature of contracts between contractors, designers and the investor, between contractors and subcontractors, with suppliers of materials and equipment;
  • Control of the fulfillment by the parties of the obligations they have assumed;
  • Management of all payments according to the terms and conditions of agreements;
  • Claim management.